Lily flower Bouquet – Biocolor Lilies - Hydrangea - Snowball - Flower Bouquet Hong Kong

BO170 Flower Bouquet Hong Kong – Bio-color Lilies Flowers

BO170  Lily flower Bouquet – Taiwan Bio-color Lilies  $768
Flower Bouquet of 6 Taiwan Bio Color Lilies (white and pale pink colour), 
2 Holland Purple Hydrangea and Holland Snowball with with Eucalyptus and Foliage  
wrapped in Butter Paper and Clear Cellophane.

BO170 Flower Bouquet Hong Kong– Taiwan Bio-color Lilies Flower Bouquet

# If the delivery date is sunday or holiday, please book before 4 p.m. of the previous working day.


  • Product Code: BO170
  • $768.00


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