Kenya Scented Roses – Perfume Roses – Fragrance Rose – biocolor rose - double color rose - BIG Flower Bouquet

BO140 Scented – Perfume – Fragrance Roses - BIG Flower Bouquet

BO140 BIG Bouquet - Kenyan Rose and Hydrangea Flower  $1038
10 Kenyan "Sweet Elegance" Bicolor Rose (is a vintage pink and cream rose),
2 Pink Hydrangea, Holland Thlaspi Green Bell,  Brown Lisianthus, 
3 Pink Ping Pong, 8 Yellow Craspedia and 6 Pink Carnations 
with Eucalyptus and Foliage Flower Bouquet.

BO140 Kenya Scented Roses – Perfume Roses – Fragrance Rose – BIG Flower Bouquet

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  • Product Code: BO140
  • $1,038.00


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