ADD-BE1 榛子色泰迪熊
Gund (全球最大市場佔有率的美國泰迪熊品牌) - 
約13.5吋高的傳統風格泰迪熊 Hazel, 榛子色毛絨, 
米色的鼻、腳墊和內耳, 是一可愛的高品質泰迪熊!
Gund Hazel Teddy Bear 13.5" 15386, a traditional 
style teddy bear features a cuddly sleek brown 
plush and a soft snugly body. 
  ADD-BE4 白色泰迪熊
Gund (awards the 100 most famous US brands
in 2006) - Little Brighton Bear 11", an adorable
& ultra soft teddy bear (15233)。
Gund (2006年遴選為美國前100大知名品牌) –
11吋可愛及超柔軟白色泰迪熊Little Brighton
  ADD-BE7 榮獲世界大獎的泰迪熊
美國名牌 Gund - 11吋泰迪熊Goober, 擁有可愛
大鼻及大肚腩的雙色泰迪熊. Goober 泰迪熊曾
榮獲2006年 "TOBY" 世界大獎的最佳泰迪熊獎!
Gund Goober 11"15286, Goober bear was awarded
"2006 TOBY award for Teddy Bear of the Year".
Goober's chocolate-brown fur and almond tummy
make him as sweet as a bear can be.
  ADD-BE10 玩具大獎小白熊
Gund (全球獲得無數金牌獎章的正統泰迪熊品牌) - 
8吋可愛肥嘟嘟小白熊Snuffles (Snuffles曾獲1996年
Gund Snuffles White 8" 15164, with his round 
tummy,this short, lovable armful of a bear is likely 
to become a constant companion. (Snuffles was the 
recipient of 1996 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award).
  ADD-BE13 Downing Bear 16" 
Gund (曾在美國被評選為最受歡迎的禮品品牌) - 
16吋啡色柔軟泰迪熊 Downing Bear , 脖子圍了
一條棗紅色格子絲帶 (21025).
Gund (was recommended as the most adorable 
gift in USA) - Downing Bear 16", a super-huggable & 
has a removable burgundy ribbon with cream strips.
  ADD-BE16 醫療泰迪熊 
全美最大絨毛玩具禮品公司 "Gund" - 
11吋醫療泰迪熊 Medical Bear, 身穿藍色制服, 
並攜帶自己的聽診器, 十分可愛! (15396)
Gund (the largest soft toys and gifts 
manufacturer in the USA) – Medical Bear 11", 
here is the medical bear and he comes wearing 
a blue shift and carrying his own stethoscope.
  ADD-BE19 可愛發聲黑色小狗
美國人氣泰迪熊品牌"Gund" -  4吋可愛
發聲黑色小狗,會發出逼真的吠吠聲音 .
Gund Farm Animal Chatter Dog Black 4", 
features realistic bark sounds (20251).
  ADD-BE22 發聲黑白色小貓
美國人氣泰迪熊品牌"Gund" -  4吋可愛發聲
Gund Farm Animal Chatter Cat Black 4",
features realistic meow sounds (20252).
  ADD-BE25 紀念版Snuffles     $480
約14吋可愛肥嘟嘟焦糖色小熊, 十分超柔軟, 絕對
華麗與值得被擁抱. (Snuffles曾獲1996年 奧本海
姆玩具大獎, 圓肚子及臉圓圓是他的特徵!) 
Gund 30th Snuffles Caramel 14", an old favourite of 
Gund customers and is celebrating his 30th birthday. 
He has a leather medallion around his neck announcing 
his birthday. This super soft plush is absolutely gorgeous 
and just made to be cuddled. Snuffles has a beige snout, 
belly and inner ears. (Snuffles was the recipient of 1996 
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award)
  ADD-BE28 朱古力色泰迪熊
Gund Philbin Teddy Bear Chocolate Large 18" (with 
floppy paws & feet, he sits & hugs like all great teddy 
bears should,with his lovable expression and soft 
plush, he is sure to be your new huggable favorite.) 
全美最佳品牌之一 "Gund" - 18吋高的柔軟泰迪熊
"Philbin" 320047 (擁有朱古力色毛毛, 十分可愛!)
  ADD-BE31 Mini Bear 6"
Gund (awards the 100 most famous US brands) -
Mini Bear Brown 6" (15308-1), this classic Gund
teddy bear mini is super soft, snuggly & huggable。
Gund (2006年遴選為美國前100大知名品牌) –
6吋啡色迷你泰迪熊, 是經的Gund品牌的傳統泰迪
熊, 超級柔軟、感覺很舒服及令人喜愛的泰迪熊!
  ADD-BE34 36吋高的巨形泰迪熊
Boris by Gund 36", is as tall as a child and he stands on
his own cause his bean-weighted feet allows him to stand
freely. Interior body frame keeps the bear from drooping
but his rich soft fur makes him all so huggable (15289) !
36吋高的巨形泰迪熊Boris, 當他站立時, 便有小孩子那麼
高!  而他脚內的豆豆令他整個人站立起, 體內的支架可以
防止下垂, 而他的豐富的軟毛讓他都是這麼可愛的!
  ADD-BE37 生日派對小狗
USA Gund Cake Taste Better with Dog, Greetings 
with a hug! Cute, Huggable plushcombined with
a plush combined with a unique greeting card 
hangtag,it is ready for a party & some cake !
2006年遴選為美國前100大的知名品牌"Gund" – 
14吋可愛生日派對小狗 4031023 
  ADD-BE40 生日派對小貓
USA Gund Cake Taste Better with Cat Hair 14"
This cat is ready for a party and some cake.
2006年遴選為美國前100大的知名品牌"Gund" -
14吋可愛帶生日帽的生日派對小貓 4031022。
ADD-BE43 Matthew 8" & Lil' Angus
以其熊掌印為註冊商標行遍天下的品牌- "BOYDS" -
身穿白恤衫、格仔工人褲的8吋泰迪熊, 手拉着1隻
黑白小牛(91756-32)Recognized by the World
with his Unique Pawn Trademark -"BOYDS" -
Matthew is making his way all around the Boydstown
County Fair this year, proudly showing off his first
place winning friend, Lil' Angus, who is happily being
pulled around the bustling event. Matthew wears tan
plaid overalls, a white button down shirt, and carries
a lil' froggy atop his right shoulder!
  ADD-BE46 Annie Quiltbeary 12"
為人們帶來歡笑快樂30年的美國名牌 -"BOYDS" -
Has been making folks laugh for over 30 years-
"BOYDS"- Annie's spendin' a lazy Sunday
afternoon tooling around her garden shed in her
navy gingham dress, & tea stained checker board
striped smock. Embroidered flowers bloomin' out
of her gardening pot pocket brings a homespun
feel to this sweetie! (904682)
  ADD-BE49 Olivia Heartlee 6"
"BOYDS"- 頭戴燈芯絨帽6吋泰迪熊(904930)
"BOYDS" - Olivia might be small, but she
sure does have a big heart! This golden cutie
wears a blue corduroy hat with heart and vine
embroidery on the upturned brim.
  ADD-BE52 Miss You Bear
US Gund "Miss You " T-Shirt Bear 12" (15417) -
this cute bear has beautiful soft fur and features a
removable red hooded shirt which has "Miss You "
embroidered on.  美國名牌"Gund"- 12吋可愛小熊,
身穿紅色有帽運動衫, 衫上繡有 "Miss You" 想念你
  ADD-BE55 Happy Birthday Bear
US Gund "Happy Birthday " T-Shirt Bear 12"
(15412) - this cute bear  features a removable 
red hooded shirt which says"Happy Birthday". 
美國名牌"Gund"-12吋可愛小熊, 身穿紅色有帽
運動衫, 衫上繡有 "Happy Birthday" 溫暖字句
  ADD-BE58 "Ike"  
US "Gund" - IKE 15" (319626), this 15" tall cow has back and
white curly nap, also this lovable & cuddly cow is very very soft.
美國超級名牌"Gund" - 15吋可愛黑色和白色柔軟捲毛小牛"Ike",
他的耳朵和面部非常吸引,而坐姿型態也很可愛 !
  ADD-BE67 Essie 16"
創立於1979年美國名牌-"BOYDS" - 頸上有大蝴蝶結的
16吋長耳兔 Famous U.S. brand established since
1979-"Boyds"- The rabbits in town will be all ears when
they catch a glimpse of Essie's slim figure. This golden
hare has a primitive design and features long slender
legs and ears and a fabric printed neck bow. (904757)
  ADD-BE70 Danner T. Cuddlesworth 16"
"BOYDS"- Be careful...cause once you pick up
Danner, you'll never put this oh-so-soft fella down!
Made from super soft brown chenille, this fella
can be posed in countless ways, thanks to his
bean fillin'. He wears a blue gingham neck bow
to match his fabric colored paw pads.(4013301)
  ADD-BE73 Mini Bear 7"  
2006年遴選為美國前100大知名品牌 –
"GUND"– 7吋迷你泰迪熊 (15308-1)
Awards the 100 Most Famous U.S. Brands
in 2006 –"Gotta Getta GUND" –Mini Bear 7"
  ADD-BE76 Mini Bear 7" 
"GUND"– 7吋迷你泰迪熊 (15308-4)
Achieve Numerous Awards and Gold Medals
in the World  –"GUND" –Mini Bear 7"
  ADD-BE100 Gracie Wellington 12"
USA Boyds Gracie Wellington 12", shimmering teal brocade 
dress w/embroidered details & brown velour jacket with matching 
handbag. features beautiful gem studded embroidery & beadwork. 
Wears coordinating ear bow with matching embroidered accents.
美國名牌"Boyds" - 12吋泰迪熊 Gracie Wellington 4015930, 閃閃
  ADD-BE103 紳士泰迪熊
Boyds Matthew 8" , is dressed to the nines in his black 
button down suit, & toppedit off with an oversized white 
hat featuring a red satin accent band to match his necktie.
美國名牌"Boyds" - 8吋紳士泰迪熊"Matthew" 91756-31 ,
  ADD-BE106 Boyds Rainie Daybeary Bear 12"
Boyds Rainie Daybeary Bear 12" (who holds a bright
yellow umbrella in her bear paw. The bear wears a raincoat,
and a purple and lime green satin dress. Rainie comes
from a limited edition of 3000 pieces and has a
 hand-numbered foot patch, 4016882)。
Boyds - Rainie Daybeary Bear12吋泰迪熊 (手持紫色
蝴蝶刺繡的黃色雨傘, 身穿紫色蝴蝶的黃色及綠色雨衣,
與內裡的紫色和綠色長裙相襯, 而這款小熊是限量發行3000隻的,
  ADD-BE109 Sugar Luvington12"
US Boyds (classics teddy bear brand in traditional american
country style) - Sugar Luvington 14" (fabric paw pads
w/coordinating neck & ear bow, elaborately accented fabric
candy box rose accent & embroidered 'With Love' gift tag.)。
美國名牌Boyds (典型美式鄉村風格的 經典泰迪熊品牌) -
14吋高泰迪熊Sugar Luvington, 14吋高, 花花布腳底
 和花花布脖子蝴蝶結, 與耳朵蝴蝶結相襯, 而手上並拿着
"With Love" 標籤的心心布糖果盒, # 4021571)。
  ADD-BE112 Gracie Wellington 12"
USA Boyds Gracie Wellington 12" 4015930 (Shimmering
teal brocade dress w/embroidered details & brown velour
 jacket w/matching handbag. Features beautiful gem studded
embroidery and beadwork. Wears coordinating ear bow
with matching embroidered accents.)
泰迪熊設計最為聞名的美國名牌"Boyds" - 12吋泰迪熊
Gracie Wellington (閃閃發光的藍綠色的禮服裙、
  ADD-BE115 Bethany Heartlee 14" 
US Boyds - Bethany Heartlee 14"(904920), From head
 to toe, Bethany is the leader in heart-felt fashion. She wears
 a corduroy jacket & maroon gingham dress with heart and 
leaf accents and our tree of life embroidered on her tea-stained
 pocket. Sweet sentiment stitched on the trim of her dress reads
"Love, Joy, Family and Friendship
美國著名品牌Boyds (以造型泰迪熊之設計最為聞名) - 14吋泰迪熊
 Bethany Heartlee, 她穿了一件燈芯絨夾克和栗色格子禮服,
口袋繡了生命之樹, 而裙邊繡上甜蜜愛心字 :
"Love, Joy, Family and Friendship."。
  ADD-BE118 Kaelin Yorkshire Terrier Dog 10" 
USA Gund Kaelin Yorkshire Terrier Dog 10"
(with a red satin bow on the top of head)。
美國人氣泰迪熊品牌'Gund' - 10吋約瑟爹利小狗 319613
(頭上有一紅色蝴蝶結, 十分可愛)。
  ADD-BE121 Rosa Gembeary 8"
US Boyds Rosa Gembeary 8" (a symbol of happiness and
 truth & wears a beautiful rose patterned satin dress & pink 
velour cloak with exquisitely intricate trim studded with faux
 Rose Zircon gems,
擅長造形設計的經典泰迪熊美國品牌Boyds - Rosa Gembeary 
(象徵快樂和真理的8吋泰迪熊, 而她穿了一件美麗的玫瑰圖案的緞面
禮服和粉色的天鵝絨斗篷, 斗篷上有一粒人造Rose Zircon寶石裝飾,)。
  ADD-BE124 Bloomin' Beary 8"
USA Boyds Bloomin' Beary 8" (holds a lovely purple &
 green felt pot with ric-rac & bow  accents bursting with
 purple flowers crafted w/floral fabric & button accented centers)
美國名牌"Boyds" - Iris Bloomin' Beary 4016983(8吋泰迪熊,
拿著一個可愛的紫色和綠色布花盆, 盆上開了3朶布花花, 十分可愛!)
  ADD-BE2 Manni 12.5" 
美國人氣泰迪熊品牌 Gund - 約12.5吋高的淺啡
色可愛軟綿綿小熊 Manni, 黑色的橢圓形的眼睛、
大大的鼻子、表情傻傻及肚子脹脹, 很逗人喜愛!
Gund Little Manni Bear 12.5" 15015, is a very 
huggable bear with a blonde coloured extremely 
soft and silky plush. Manni also has large black 
oval eyes and a cute large nose!
  ADD-BE5 白色泰迪熊
Gund (全球最大市場佔有率的泰迪熊品牌) -
18吋可愛及超柔軟白色泰迪熊 Big Brighton.
Gund (the market leader of teddy bear brand 
in the US) - Big Brighton Bear 18" 15235, an 
adorable and ultra soft white teddy bear.
  ADD-BE8 圓滾滾肚子泰迪熊
美國名牌Gund - 19吋高泰迪熊 Alfie, 他最吸引
處是: 面上大笑容、大棕色鼻子、近距離的眼睛, 
令他這泰迪熊更可愛, 而他的摩卡色毛身及米色
的圓滾滾肚子 令這泰迪熊更加吸引! (15314)
Gund Alfie Bear 19", his big broad smile, huge brown 
nose & close set eyes give this bear an sweet loving 
face. Adding to his charm are his stitched eye brows 
and mocha colored fur that is accented with cream 
plush on his face & pudgy tummy.
  ADD-BE11 Snuffles Bears 10"
Gund (全球獲得無數金牌獎章的正統泰迪熊品牌) - 
10吋可愛肥嘟嘟小白熊Snuffles (Snuffles曾獲1996
Gund Snuffles White 10" 15165, with his round 
tummy, this short, lovable armful of a bear is likely 
to become a constant companion. (Snuffles was the 
recipient of 1996 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award).
  ADD-BE14 Downing Bear Medium  
Gund (正統泰迪熊的美國名牌) - 
21吋啡色泰迪熊 Downing Bear Medium, 
脖子圍了一條棗紅色格子絲帶 (21026).
US Gund (traditional brand of teddy bear)- 
Downing Bear Medium 21", is a super-huggable & 
has a removable burgundy ribbon with cream strips.



  ADD-BE17 可愛發聲小馬
美國人氣泰迪熊品牌"Gund" - 4吋可愛
發聲小馬,會發出逼真的動物聲音 (20250).
Gund Farm Animal Chatter Stuffed Horse 4", 
features realistic animal sounds.



  ADD-BE20 可愛發聲杏色小狗
美國人氣泰迪熊品牌"Gund" - 4吋可愛
發聲杏色小狗, 會發出逼真的吠吠聲音.
Gund Farm Animal Chatter Dog Beige 4", 
features realistic bark sounds (20251).
  ADD-BE23 可愛發聲灰色小貓
美國人氣泰迪熊品牌"Gund" - 4吋可愛
Gund Farm Animal Chatter Grey 4", 
features realistic meow sounds (20252).
  ADD-BE26 限量版Snuffles     $580 
美國名牌Gund - 30週年特別限量版的Snuffles, 
約12吋肥嘟嘟銀灰色泰迪熊, 是絕對華麗及值得
被擁抱的超軟毛絨泰迪熊 (Snuffles曾獲1996年 
奧本海姆玩具大獎, 圓肚子及臉圓圓是他的特徵!).  
Gund 30th Snuffles Limited Edition 12" 319934, the 
30th year for adorable Snuffles with a special limited 
edition - only 1000 have been produced! This silver-
tipped fur & super soft plush is absolutely gorgeous 
and just made to be cuddled. (Snuffles was the 
recipient of 1996 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award).
  ADD-BE29 Mini Bear 7" 
Gund (achieve numerous awards & gold medals
in the world) - Mini Bear 6", a lovable bear with a
brown body and a cream colored face and bell。
Gund (全球獲得無數金牌獎章的正統泰迪熊品牌)
- 6吋迷你泰迪熊, 柔軟可愛, 及是擁有啡色及米色
的雙色泰迪熊 (15308-4)。
  ADD-BE32 Mini Bear 7"  
Gund (awards the 100 most famous US Brands
in 2006) - Mini Bear 6"(15308-2), a light cream
tan colour bear is adorable and super soft!
Gund (2006年遴選為美國前100大知名品牌) –
6吋迷你泰迪熊, 一身充滿忌廉淺啡色的毛絨,
擁有一啡色大鼻子, 十分可愛!
  ADD-BE35 $168
(less 20%)  
Gund Plush Yardley Sr Dog 15" 13140
  ADD-BE38 紫色馬騮
Now$98 (Less 25%) 
USA Gund Randi the Money 15" 320043 
2006年遴選為美國前100大知名品牌 "Gund" - 
  ADD-BE41 Ginne Mae Heartlee 12"
正統泰迪熊品牌 -"BOYDS"- 12吋心心泰迪熊
"BOYDS"- While Ginnie Mae Heartlee knows that
"the Heart is the center of all great things",
she also knows the only thing cozier then her golden
chenille coat is the two precious pillows she carries.
Pillows feature embroidered details, plaid accents &
are tied together with a plaid fabric ribbon.(4013339)
  ADD-BE44 Bailey 8" & Lil' Suie
"BOYDS"-穿碎花裙、蝴蝶頭飾8吋泰迪熊女孩, 手拉
着1隻穿碎花裙小肥豬(9199-32)  "BOYDS"-
Bein' a simple girl from a small town, there's not
much need to get all gussied up for things àbut the
Boydstown County Fair is always the exception.
She's dressed in a brand new floral print dress & ear
bow with lace w/eyelet trim and coiledpiping accents.
And while her pull along piggy, Suie may not be a
contender For Best of Show, this pink pal sure wins 
best dressed in her matching floral print skirt!
  ADD-BE47 Henrietta Haymaker 16"
"BOYDS"- 穿繡花裙、帶草帽16吋鄉村女孩(4013329)
"BOYDS"- The sun is always shining when Henrietta
Haymaker is around. This country gal is up long before
the rooster crows and always ready for a fun time on the
farm. She wears a red gingham dress with embroidered
sentiment & accented w/a blue star-printed collar, cuffs
& pantaloons. Check out her apron for the fabric rooster
applique & embroidered flower design.
  ADD-BE50 Mimi DuBearvois 8"
"BOYDS"- 頭戴特色絲花蘇格蘭帽的8吋白色泰迪熊
"BOYDS"- Mimi is going for the understated look this
season. Her off-white plush coat compliments her
black ribbon, while her plaid hat with silk flower and
tulle accents top off her look.(904865)
  ADD-BE53 God Bless You Teddy Bear 
US Gund "God Bless You" T-Shirt Bear 12" (15420) -
this cute bear has beautiful soft fur and features a
removable  hooded shirt which says "God Bless You"
美國名牌"Gund"- 12吋可愛小熊, 身穿紅色有帽運動衫,
衫上繡有 "God Bless You" 主祝福保守你等溫暖字句
  ADD-BE56 Congratulations  !!
US Gund "Congrats" T-Shirt Bear 12" (15413) -
this cute bear has beautiful soft fur and features a
removable red hooded shirt which says"Congrts". 
美國名牌"Gund"- 12吋可愛小熊, 身穿紅色有帽
運動衫, 衫上繡有 "Congrats"溫暖字句
  ADD-BE59 "Wilda"
US "Gund" - Wilda 17.5" (319627), a lovely piggy has
a broad black smile, floppy fur lined ears, floppy tail, a
cute shaped snout with pink nostrils & oval black eyes
美國超級名牌"Gund" - 15吋高可愛粉紅色微笑小豬,
除了有尾巴外, 還有一個可愛的粉紅色的鼻子和鼻孔!
  ADD-BE68 Ebenezer 20"
創造獨有的泰迪熊和毛絨玩具, 以其高品質和創新風格為
全世界所認同- “BOYDS”-紅色格仔布大蝴蝶結20吋泰迪熊
Has been Creating Unique Teddy Bears and Other Soft Toys
Recognized the World Over for their Quality and Innovation -
“BOYDS” - Measurin' in at a whoppin' twenty inches,
Ebenezer's never been one to stand up straight. That must
be what accounts for his lanky grey physique! (904745)
  ADD-BE71 Tillie 16"
創造獨有的泰迪熊和毛絨玩具, 以其高品質和創新風格為
全世界所認同品牌 - “BOYDS”-格仔蝴蝶結16吋可愛泰迪熊
Has been Creating Unique Teddy Bears and Other Soft Toys
Recognized the World Over for their Quality and Innovation -
“BOYDS”- Tillie , Super-soft shaggy gold chenille plush with
coordinating plaid fabric paw pads and neck bow. Bean filled
bellies makes him perfect for posin'! (500087)
  ADD-BE74 Mini Bear 7"  
全球最大市場佔有率的泰迪熊品牌 –
"GUND"– 7吋迷你泰迪熊 (15308-2)
Teddy Bear Brand Holds the Largest Market
Share in the World  –"GUND" –Mini Bear 7"
  ADD-BE101 大肚媽媽泰迪熊
Boyds Bear (has been creating fantastic gifts 
with the finest quality materials for occasions) - 
"Ima Late" Baby On Board Bear 8" (a perfect 
gift for the mommy-to-be!  Ima Late wears a 
floral print bow,an appliqued sweatshirt & pants)
以其熊掌印為註冊商標行遍天下的品牌 "Boyds" 
- 8吋大肚媽媽泰迪熊, 呈給準媽媽是一個完美的
禮物!她色穿一件寫着 "Baby on Board"白色Tee, 
及一條花長褲, 並襯了一個花花頭飾, 903048。
  ADD-BE104 淑女泰迪熊
USA Boyds Bailey 8"  919931(is reay to "cut a rug" 
in her red sleeveless flapper dress, her ensemble is 
covered with black fringe and coordinating handbag 
and a matching headbow with fabric accent).
美國名牌 "Boyds" - 8吋高淑女泰迪熊"Bailey", 身穿
高貴的黑色留鬚紅色長裙, 及配襯了黑色留鬚手袋
  ADD-BE107 Friends are Angels on Earth 8" 
USA Boyds Angelica Goodfriend Plush 8" (a light-gold
custom-blended bear from the Heart Collection. "Friends are Angels
on Earth" embroidered star and floral wings makes
Angelica Goodfriend the most angelic friend ya can have!)。
其熊掌印為註冊商標行遍天下的美國品名牌 "Boyds" -
"Angelica Goodfriend"泰迪熊 (8吋高泰迪熊除了有一對花布天使翅外,
還手抱一個繡了 "Friends are Angels on Earth" 花布星星 (4013326)。
  ADD-BE110 Sugar Luvington12" 
USA Boyds Chelsea McHootin with Owlivia Boyds Plush 12"
(robins egg blue & white fabric dress with ric rac trim.
Red check gingham apron with floral embroidery.
Coordinating ear bow has button accent. Holds fabric owl
crafted in four different fabrics w/embroidered details)
經典泰迪熊品牌"Boyds" - 抱貓頭鷹12吋泰迪熊 (身穿藍色
和白色裙, 再配上繡花紅格子圍裙, 而她手上抱着一個身穿四種
不同花布的布貓頭鷹, 4021474)。禮盒。
  ADD-BE113 Sugar Q. Frostin' Fluff 14" 
US Boyds - Sugar Q. Frostin' Fluff 14" (a white plush bear
wearing a magenta top made of gathered satin ribbon and
light pink dress with orange polka-dots and bow at the waist.
She holds a colorful felt cupcake with appliqued accents. )
Boyds - Sugar Q. Frostin' Fluff 14吋白色毛絨泰迪熊
(身穿高貴禮服長裙, 上身是粉色縐布,下身是橙色圓點底裙及
淺粉色面裙; 手捧着一個布杯仔蛋糕, 與頭部的蝴蝶結相襯。)
  ADD-BE116 Sandy Summerbeary12"
US Boyds - Sandy Summerbeary 12" (her outfit is a white
Terrycloth cover-up, pink skirted bathing suit, sandals, her
 totally cool felt flowers sun glasses, flowers sandals and
flower wide brimmed sun hat. also she comes from a limited
edition of 3000 pcs, & has a hand-numbered foot patch)。
美國名牌Boyds - Sandy Summerbeary (12吋泳裝泰迪熊女郎
造型是: 白色的毛巾游泳袍、花花涼鞋、粉紅色連裙游泳衣、
花花寬邊太陽帽 和很酷感覺的花花太陽鏡, 而她也來自一個
3000件的限量版,編號在小熊的腳板上, #4016886)。
  ADD-BE119 Emily Rabbit 8"
USA Boyds Bear Emily Rabbit 8" (this sweet, golden chenille
hare wears a fabric print dress with matching ear bow. Her apron
features ruffled edges & a flora print applique pocket and she
carries her favorite all-day-long lollypop crafted
from twisted fabrics.)。
典型美式鄉村風格的經典泰迪熊品牌"Boyds" - Emily 8吋兔女郎
(手拿着波棒糖造型 及穿花裙、圍裙, 十分可愛!)。
  ADD-BE122  Lucky Dottlesworth 12"   
US Boyds - Lucky Dottlesworth 12" (the cutest ladybug
 in town! Whimsically dressed ina gingham dress with polka-dot
skirting with ric-rac trim.Her large brimmed hat features coiled
antennae with a button accented gingham flower, and a lil' satin l
ady bug. Lucky Dottlesworth comes from a limited edition of
3000 pcs & has a hand-numbered foot patch。
美國名牌Boyds(以造型泰迪熊之設計最為聞名的 正統泰迪熊品牌) -
Lucky Dottlesworth (#4016884,最可愛的12吋瓢蟲泰迪熊,
身穿圓點格子裙, 她的大沿帽特徵是: 兩條盤繞天線, 及一朵黃色花花,
 跟她手持的花花及鞋子的花相襯;而這款小熊是 限量發行3000隻的,
  ADD-BE3 紫色泰迪熊  
Gund (產品皆通過世界最高規格CE標準之美國名牌) -
約18吋高的獨特紫色泰迪熊 Dayton, 樣子可愛和柔順
毛毛讓人愛不釋手! 這個可愛泰迪熊的鼻子和腳掌是
深紫紅色, 手掌腳掌和底部都藏有豆豆的. (15366)
Gund Dayton Bear 18", this cute teddy bear has an
unusual light plum-coloured fur and has dark plum
coloured nose and paw pads. Dayton has beans in
his bottom and also in his paws. Round his neck
Dayton bear wears a satin ribbon tied in a gift bow.
  ADD-BE6 Dylan Bear XL  
Gund (正統泰迪熊的美國名牌) - 34吋特大泰迪熊
Dylan, 絕對是一隻被擁抱色彩燦爛泰迪熊, 頸上
綁了一條多種顏色絲帶, 而鼻和腳不一樣的顏色. 
USA Gund (traditional brand of teddy bear) - 
Dylan Teddy Bear XL 34" 15105, he is absolutely 
gorgeous & just made to be cuddled. From the multi 
coloured ribbon around his neck to the tips of his toes.
  ADD-BE9 大鼻子和大肚子泰迪熊 
Gund (最擅長設計柔軟細膩的觸感絨毛玩具之名牌) - 
約18吋高泰迪熊"Gordy", 擁有超豪華長毛絨吋泰迪熊, 
Gund Gordy Teddy Bear 18" 15379, features an over-
sized nose and glossy eyes. This super luxurious and 
huggable teddy bear has a tan and a round belly!
  ADD-BE12 Snuffles Bears XL  
Gund (全球獲得無數金牌獎章的正統泰迪熊品牌) - 
13吋可愛肥嘟嘟大白熊Snuffles (Snuffles曾獲1996
Gund Snuffles White 13" XL 15166, with his round 
tummy, this short, lovable armful of a bear is likely 
to become a constant companion. Snuffles was the 
recipient of 1996 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award.
  ADD-BE15 Downing Bear Large
Gund (全球最大市場佔有率的泰迪熊品牌) - 
26吋啡色泰迪熊 Downing Bear Large, 脖子
圍了一條棗紅色格子絲帶 (21027).
Gund (teddy bear brand holds the largest market) - 
Downing Bear Large 26", is super-huggable and
has a removable burgundy ribbon with cream strips.
  ADD-BE18 可愛發聲小牛
美國人氣泰迪熊品牌"Gund" - 4吋可愛
發聲小牛會發出逼真的動物聲音 (20250).
Gund Farm Animal Chatter Cow 4", 
features realistic animal sounds.



  ADD-BE21 發聲啡色條紋小貓
美國人氣泰迪熊品牌"Gund" - 4吋可愛發聲
Gund Farm Animal Chatter Cat Brown 4", 
features realistic meow sounds (20252).
  ADD-BE24 灰色小象
Gund - "Jungle Wonders Elephant", 9吋灰色
灰色身體及喜歡別人擁抱 ! (31085).
Gund Jungle Wonders Elephant - 9", it features a 
gray fuzzy-soft body with adorable ears & elephant 
trunk. This cute little elephant loves to be hugged.
  ADD-BE27 粉色小飛豬
US Gund (recommended as the most adorable gift in US)-
GundFun When Pigs Fly Pig 11", this cutie pig is very soft
& adorable! Simply press the button on the pink pigs arm
and its wings flap back and forth(30100)。 Gund (在美國被
評選為最受歡迎的禮品品牌) - "GundFun When Pigs Fly Pig",
11吋長小飛豬, 只需按下粉色手臂按鈕, 翅膀就會
來回擺動, 而這可愛的豬是非常柔軟及令人很想抱抱的!
  ADD-BE30 神魂顛倒心心  泰迪熊
Gund (achieve numerous awards & gold medals in
the world) - Carthy Bear 18" (319997) , a brown bear
with acute beige nose & holding a red heart message
that says "HEAD OVER HEELS !
Gund (最擅長設計柔軟細膩的觸感絨毛玩具之名牌) - 
18吋深啡色泰迪熊 MC Carthy, 手抱着一個紅色的心心,
心心印了 "HEAD OVER HEELS" 窩心字句!
  ADD-BE33 棕褐色 迷你泰迪熊 
Gund (established since 1898, a famous US brand for
over 114 years) - Mini Bear Tan 6", this classic Gund
teddy bear mini is super soft, snuggly and huggable!
美國名牌Gund (2006年遴選為美國前100大知名品牌)
– 棕褐色6吋迷你泰迪熊(15308-3), 超級柔軟、感覺很
  ADD-BE36 會吠的小狗 $248
Gund Gundfun Yappie Dog 11.5", features tail and
bum wages while puppy barks mouth moves, include
3 replaceable AA batteries on & off switch on paw).
高11.5英寸的白色小狗 "Yappie", 活潑非常, 一邊搖
尾巴, 一邊張開嘴巴汪汪叫, 13175。
  ADD-BE39 無可抗拒的可愛小狗
Gund (established since 1898, a famous US brand for
over 115 years) - Muttsy Beige 15" 319638, with super-
soft fur and the most loveable little face, Muttsy the Dog 
is irresistibly adorable. His floppy ears, beady eyes and
cuddly body will delight your little one again and again!
美國名牌Gund (2006年遴選為美國前100大知名品牌) -
15吋米色小狗 Muttsy, 是無可抗拒的可愛小狗, 他擁有柔軟
  ADD-BE42 Gracie 8"
正統泰迪熊品牌- "BOYDS"- 8吋抱心及脚板繡紅心
泰迪熊(94832) Traditional Brand of Teddy Bear
-"BOYDS"- Gracie,was designed to Inspire and
Encourage, features heart-embroidered Paw
Pads, wears a plaid bow, and comes with a calico
heart with inspirational message
"When I Count My Blessings. I Count You Twice!"
  ADD-BE45 Clara Jean Haymaker 12"
Famous U.S. Brand Established since 1979-"BOYDS"–
You might not get a "peep" outta Clara Jean Haymaker
but this country gal sure has a big heart! She is dressed
in a navy sundress & hat featuring applique chicks and
embroiderd floral design. Dress features embroidered
sentiment "Lil Peepsà Big Hugs!" and gold gingham
pantaloons are the finishing touch in this farm-friendly
ensemble. (4013331)
  ADD-BE48 "Dixie Haymaker 8"w/Lil' Chick"
為人們帶來歡笑快樂30年的美國名牌- "BOYDS" -
Has been making folks laugh for over 30 years -
"BOYDS" – Even the littlest of peeps needs a
friend...and these two "chicks" are inseperable!
Dixie Haymaker is dressed in a simple navy
and maroon gigham hat and wears a star-printed
  ADD-BE51 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
US "Gund" Baby's 1st Xmas Night Night 13.5"(89064)-
the cream colored bear is accented with a blanket and
cap.. Plays "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" while head
moves and feet light. 美國名牌"Gund"- 13.5吋帶帽及
手攬著小毛氈的超柔軟可愛的米白色小熊, 頭會隨著音樂(Twinkle Twinkle Little)左左搖動, 而脚板內的燈也隨著閃
  ADD-BE54 Love Ya Teddy Bear 
US Gund "Love Ya" T-Shirt Bear 12" (15415) -
this cute bear has beautiful soft fur and features a
removable red hooded shirt which says"Love Ya". 
美國名牌"Gund"- 12吋可愛小熊, 身穿紅色有帽
運動衫, 衫上繡有 Love Ya" 愛意溫暖字句
  ADD-BE57 Feel Better 
US Gund "Feel Better" T-Shirt Bear 12" (15416) -
this cute bear has beautiful soft fur and features a
removable red hooded shirt which says"Congrts". 
美國名牌"Gund"- 12吋可愛小熊, 身穿紅色有帽
運動衫, 衫上繡有 "Feel Better"溫暖字句
  ADD-BE60 "Wilda" 
US "Gund" - Teegan 17" (319628), a very
soft and cuddly turtle (new from Gund) 
美國超級名牌"Gund" - 新款17吋超級柔軟
綠色小小龜, 樣子傻傻, 非常可愛!
  ADD-BE66 Felicity Flutterlee 31"
"BOYDS"- 特大31吋蝴蝶皇后泰迪熊(4013298)
"BOYDS"-Felicity is the queen of the butterfly garden,
measuring at a full 31-inches in height & featuring
custom butterfly embroidery on her foot pad. She is
celebrating her winged friends w/a beautiful butterfly-
print neck bow blending several different fabrics and
textures for a one-of-a-kind look this Spring!
  ADD-BE69 Bobbi Sue Quiltbeary 12"
精緻的手工的美國名牌- “BOYDS”-脚底印有花盆圖案及
頸上有 大花蝴蝶結的12吋泰迪熊(904851)
Excellent Craftsmanship, Strict & Uncompromising
Quality Control- “BOYDS”- One look at Bobbi Sue
Quilt beary and you can't help but take her home.
Wearing a brown chenille plush coat, she has a fabric
neck bow and features an appliquéd flower pot with
button accents on her paw pad.
  ADD-BE72 Mambo Jr. 10" 
創立於1898年, 擁有111年歷史、歷史最
Established since 1898, a famous U.S.
brand for over 111 years, also the oldest
soft toys manufacturer in the U.S –
"Gotta Getta GUND"–Mambo Jr. 10"
  ADD-BE75 Mini Bear 7"  
目前為全美國最大泰迪熊品牌  -
"GUND"– 7吋迷你泰迪熊 (15308-3)
Awards the 100 Most Famous U.S. Brands
in 2006 –"Gotta Getta GUND" –Mini Bear 7"
  ADD-BE78 Nurse B. 
全美最大絨毛玩具禮品公司-"GUND" -
11吋戴口罩護士泰迪熊 (15301-2)
The Largest Soft Toys and Gifts Manufacturer
in the U.S – "GUND" –Nurse B. 11"
  ADD-BE102 杯仔蛋糕泰迪熊
USA Boyds Lil' Cupcake Frostin' Fluff 8" ,this sweet bear 
wears a felt cupcake costume of pink & bright magenta with 
embroidered sentiment & applique sprinkles. Her frosting top
features gathered satin ribbon & a red felt cherry 4016974
"Boyds" - Lil' Cupcake Frostin' Fluff 8吋杯仔蛋糕甜蜜泰迪熊, 
身穿杯仔蛋糕裙, 裙身繡上 "You are too Sweet!" 甜在心頭字句, 
而頂部的粉色密集緞帶忌廉和櫻桃, 令她的造型更成功!
  ADD-BE105 L O V E Bear 10"
Boyds Valerie Luvington 10", a light gold plush bear wears 
red gingham dress with button & bow accents & a floral underlayer. 
Sheholds a felt banner of hearts embroidered individually withletters 
thatspell 'love'. Matching ear bow features a whip stitched felt heart 4021573。
泰迪熊之設計最為聞名的美國名牌"Boyds" - 10吋淺金色毛絨泰迪熊 
Valerie Luvington, 身穿白色長袖棉衣, 再襯了紅色格仔布, 及花布邊裙、
燈籠褲套裝, 手拿着 L-O-V-E 心心牌, 頭飾也用了相同花布 及一個紅布心心
  ADD-BE108 Be Mine Boyds Bear 8"
USA Boyds Sweetie Lovington 8" , (a white plush bear
that holds a floral cloth envelope w/felt card inside with
intricate pink embroidery decoration, 4021574)
美國品牌Boyds 8吋白色泰迪熊, 拿着一個碎花布信封,
裡面有一粉紅繡花的刺繡布, 布 上繡了 "Be Mine" 的窩心字句。
  ADD-BE111 Animal Chatter Cat  4"
USA Gund Animal Chatter Cat 4" (020252)
美國前100大知名的品牌"Gund" - 不同顏色 Animal Chatter Cat
  ADD-BE114 Sneaker Speaker Bear 10"
Gund" (America's Greatest Brands recognised by American Brands
 Council)- Sneaker Speaker Bear 10", a brown bear wearing silver
headphones & blue overalls Connect any music player to the bear 
& music plays from the speakers in his feet pocket will be clear so
that you can see the digital player latform box will explain user instructions
被遴選為美國前100大知名品牌的"Gund"- 可愛的10吋泰迪熊,
身穿藍色牛仔工人褲和銀色耳機, 可當啦叭使用!!(319517)

  ADD-BE117 Blossom B. Goodfriend 8" 
US Boyds Blossom B. Goodfriend 8" celebrate a blooming
friendship with Blossom B. She carries her own fabric pillow
 w/embroidered message "Friends are the Flowers in Life"
complete with flower print petals to coordinate with her ear bow
美國品牌(以造型泰迪熊之設計最為聞名)Boyds , 8吋啡白色
泰迪熊, 手拿着一繡了"Friends are the Flowers in Life"
慶祝盛開友誼碎布花花, 配襯了–個碎布蝴蝶結。(4013324)
  ADD-BE120 Lil' Cupcake Frostin' Fluff 8" 
USA Boyds Lil' Cupcake Frostin' Fluff 8" (this sweet bear wears
 a felt cupcake costume of pink and bright magenta with embroidered
sentiment and applique sprinkles. Her frosting top features gathered
 satin ribbon & a red felt cherry)。
美國Boyds - Lil' Cupcake Frostin' Fluff 8吋杯仔蛋糕甜蜜泰迪熊
 (身穿杯仔蛋糕裙, 裙身繡上"You are too Sweet!"甜在心頭字句,
而頂部的粉色密集緞帶忌廉和櫻桃, 令她的造型更成功!#4016974)。
  ADD-BE123 Gund Farm Set    
Gund Farm Set (includes pig, cow, dog and horse
features realistic animal sounds)
美國人氣泰迪熊品牌"Gund" - 動物農場組合
((包括4.5吋豬、牛、狗及馬, 全部都會發出

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